4 features for better risk management on Deriv multipliers

Greetings to all Deriv community members,

Please find below the attributes for better risk management on Deriv multipliers:

Automatic stop out
When you trade with multipliers on Deriv, you can never lose more than your stake. With an automatic stop-out feature, your positions are automatically closed as soon as your losses are equal to your stake amount.

Take profit
Usually, you will need to close your position manually to secure your profit.

The take-profit feature allows you to automate this process. All you have to do is set a level of profit you’d be satisfied with. If your profit reaches or exceeds this amount, your position will be closed and your profit will be added to your account balance.

Stop loss
It lets you set exactly how much you are willing to risk. You can cut your losses before you lose your entire stake.

Whenever your loss equals or exceeds your stop loss amount, your trade will be closed automatically.

For example, you open a trade with a 10 USD stake. The automatic stop-out will close your trade when your losses reach 10 USD. However, if you want to minimize losses even further, you can set a stop loss level of 5 USD. When your loss reaches this amount, your trade will automatically close.

Deal cancellation
With the deal cancellation feature, you have the option to cancel a trade within a selected time period (depending on the market and asset you’re trading) after opening it and reclaiming your stake. Please note that Deriv charges a small fee for this service.

The deal cancellation feature is not available on multipliers on cryptocurrencies for users residing within the EU.

Hope the above information is helpful for everyone.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Live Chat support for assistance.