Account deactivate

I would like to deactivate my visa account on binary. Com and activate it on deriv to find my acc

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Both Binary and Deriv are using the same base account, you may use the’s credential to login to and deposit with the same card.

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Good afternoon, deactivate my derivative account, how do I reactivate it?

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Please kindly respond to this question. How do one reactivate an account?

Friend can help you in live chat is super fast, very good attention, if you write in the morning you can run with luck like me that they treated me at once. Greetings from Ecuador

Why my acount is not activate. Help back activs my acount.

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Help me activate my account since it was deactivated and now i wanna use it.

Autentikkan akun saya

Tolong reactive akun saya dengan email… Please help, I’m from Indonesia… Saya ingin menggunakan akun itu lagi…
Adakah yg bisa membantu reactive akun saya lagi…??