Account verification..

How can I verify my account with my documents?
I’m new here…

@bedcord-account-2 ,. Hello, welcome to the community.

To verify your account? You need to submit your identity card and your address docs.

  1. Go to your deriv page and click on the 3 lines at the top left and a menu will shoot out.

  2. Scroll down and click on “Account settings” and menu will shoot out.

  3. Scroll down to “verification” , and under it, you will see “proof of identity”, click it to upload your i.d
    Then under that, you will see “proof of address”, click it and upload any bill that carries the exact address you used to register on deriv.

Note that the names on your i.d and address on the bill must be the same you used to register on deriv or it will be rejected.

I tried it and the verification side isn’t bold so I’m still unable to verify it

@bedcord-account-2 ,. Ok. Since the verification part is not highlighted for you to click, it means that you should continue trading.
When it’s time to get verified, deriv will activate it for you to get verified.

But for now, keep your documents ready so that it will be easy to access it.