Authentication prompt that is passive

Hello there,
My instinct tells me that since migration from binary to deriv alot has come up and on the negative side and alot of complaints than before, lack of customer care spirit, delays in everything and interference with the systems normal functioning. The following need a quick fix. Because I think I was not stupid to choose binary/deriv as my broker. Unless am made to believe so by your current state.

  1. I opened my account years back and my account was verified/authenticated. Now how my account has limits on it requiring fresh authentication I don’t understand. Explain this!
  2. You should be aware that my capital is my money not deriv’s or’s money you no right whatsoever to deny me access to it by asking me to authenticate my account which I already did. Unless you have issues best known to you that I also would like be informed.
  3. The authentication prompt going forward leads to nowhere as the system keeps popping messages that I don’t need to authenticate my account right now. Now what should I do.?
  4. I can’t access my money, I can’t withdraw by agent since you say am not authorized, I can’t withdraw by e wallet since you say am not able to, I can’t withdraw money back to my card you have sealed all the avenues now what exactly do you want?
  5. I transferred money to my dtm5 STP account, now I can’t withdraw or transfer it to my deriv account. What should I do.
    I have communicated to you and customer care countless times but non is giving help. What exactly should I do.
    Kindly be reminded that pride comes before a fall. I may be one with one complaint and it may not matter to you but as time goes others will do it and deriv will be history.
    Kindly you have one week to sort me out. From there will lounch my complaint elsware and see what happens. I want my money.

We checked your account & noticed that you have been in correspondence following a Payment Agent application. The authentication was requested again due to the Payment Agent application, in usual cases, the authentication will be requested only once.

However, as you have applied to become our Payment Agent, we need to verify the information on the account & request from you if further information is needed.

Appreciate your cooperation with us in this matter, we will try and speed up the processing time of your application.

Thank you.

Thanks alot. Was sorted. Am greatfull to you.