Binary Bot and Dbot

Please refer to the guidelines below if you encounter an issue with the Bot:

Bot Cannot Load

  • Was the Bot downloaded from someone else (a developer)?
  • If Yes: The Bot might not be compatible with your account. Contact the developer for further assistance.
  • If No (the Bot was built by yourself): Download and save the XML file, then contact us at Live chat, and provide us the file for further investigation.

Issue related to Trades

  • Contact us at Live chat for assistance
  • Check and provide us the affected trade reference number in your account statement
  • Elaborate on the expected Bot functional behavior, and provide a clear explanation on the issue faced

How to obtain the XML file:

Binary Bot:


Additional Information :

  • The Bot can only run if you are signed in and remain on the Bot site. If you navigate to a different page or sign out, the Bot will stop immediately.

  • Binary Bot’s XML can run on the Dbot, but it may not run smoothly.
  • Dbot’s XML file cannot run on Binary Bot.
  • In terms of feature, Dbot is different from Binary Bot.
  • Binary Bot will skip error messages if it does not affect the bot’s strategy, whereas Dbot’s system will prompt you to fix any issues shown, so that it can run as normal.