Boom and crash freezing

Why is boom and crash freexing on mt5. I have open trades running.

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same here, maybe manipulation going on

Same I also have open trades it sucks

Same here, anyone Know whats happening

Same to me what’s going on here

Same here, please deriv, you should have pre Informed us if this was a delibrate act, except if it’s a technical issue

Same here I’m afraid it’s going to blow the Acc

Around 4 hours ago, I had running trades for Crash 500 when Boom and Crashes hanged on MT5. I wake this morning to find that a big gap occurred which blew $533 in my account. I wish to launch a complaint since I had not been notified on any maintenance and that freezing of Boom and Crash trades made it beyond my control to manage my risk. I have screenshots of my positions at the time of freezing since I take screenshots of my open positions before sleeping or when going offline for several hours, a screenshot of the gap and my losses that followed

I would like to appeal and ask Deriv to refund my funds lost through Crash 500 gap coz this is pure manipulation.


Same here guys. What’s going on?


it happened to me also and my friends. is there another way to complain about this issue of freezing our accounts?
we need justice to this issue


It also happened to me, took all my profits and blew my account


We really need justice, it blew my account too. And I’m not getting any response from customer service, this is totally unacceptable, we work hard for this money

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This is unacceptable guys, we work hard for the money for it to blow our accounts just like that. Worse part is I couldn’t close my trades.

Why does the Market stop if there is a problem?

This happened to me too. It blew my account. I couldn’t close my trades.

Good day. I want to lodge a complaint. I placed a trade yesterday and when I tried to close it, I was told ‘‘off quotes’’. I couldn’t close it. When I returned after sometime, I saw that my funds have been exhausted, because the market went against me and I had no power to stop it.

This is not the first time. Some weeks ago, something similar happened. I placed a trade just before 1.00 am, when I tried to close the trade, I was told market was closed. When I came back in the morning my funds were exhausted.

My grief is that, in the first instance, I wasn’t informed of the possibility of going ‘‘off quotes’’, I don’t even know what it means. So I lost my hard earned money.

In the second instance, I wasn’t also informed that I wouldn’t be able to close my trade after 1.00 am.

I smell something fishy and an obvious manipulation from your end. I didn’t even mention multiple times when the market went against me in a manipulative manner, leaving me with huge losses, sometimes clearing my account.

I have been robbed multiple times, therefore I demanded a refund, on all occasions.

I have a mind to take this claims to necessary bodies, to get justice.

I expect a positive reply.

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Hello … I hope you are all well because I am not . I was trading range break on Saturday when my mt5 account froze and left my account at $2 … I need help as I have not been notified of any upgrade on the system…

I would like to appeal and ask Deriv to refund my money lost due to a Crash 500 gap that happened yesterday (07 August 2020) as I believe that this was pure manipulation.

I had running trades for Crash 500 when Boom, Crash and Step indices froze on my MT5 for about 3 hours. When I woke up I found that the resultant gap caused me to blow my account (i.e a loss of $180.17). I was not notified of any system maintenance and this freezing of Crash made it beyond my control to manage my risk.

Oooh my,When we thought we had found such a great broker,a great platform its when the market is being manipulated.Before Deriv Binary was great over the months,years but truth be told Deriv you guys manipulate the market for your own sake which is very wrong.Crash 500,Crash 1000 and volatility 75 markets we’re trading today are not the previous markets we had on us,we the complaint can be taken for granted but not everyone’s complaint.

Just minutes or an hour ago this shit froze on me and I lost, I trusted Deriv.