Dear [ support team I didn’t find any of your complaints related email id.

So now i am writing here

Since recent months I already lost approx $10000 in you platform binary and [deriv. I never make profitable from your company.

Now my request is that please give me my money back in my trading account. And stop manipulation on trading.

Now i am requesting in a good and friendly way.

Please discuss with you complaint department so they can make a decision.

Otherwise i will go viral with that everywhere from big YouTube channels , review site , blogs, till legal authorities. I will post this company as a fraud in Indian government website along with complaint and evidence. I will not stop already i lost $10000 so i am ready to spend more to aware new people from becoming victims of this company.

Please don’t think that your company will block my account it’s okay to block now. I already extracted all evidence.

I am requesting please give my money back it’s my hard earned money. I will not come back again. I will not harm your company at any means.

Please take a win-win decision. It will be best for both of us.

Thank you
Account email:
The system opened volatility and step index trades on my account without my permision. I have never allowed any bottradding but somehow the system plase trades… I have never used any of these ndexes in my life.

Before I call Deriv a scam on all social media platform I would like you to refund my money please. Ticket number attached on top. The excuse you gave me that I opened the trades myself are nonsensical cause i only use crash and boom indexes and not step or volatility.

They are doing something fishy that’s why they make very complicated support system. So users can’t reach to them easily.

How do l delete trading history