copy my trades

how do i engage my clients to copy my trades

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You can use Deriv API Token for it.

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Hi there

So did you manage to get this going, do you offer copy trade?

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here a tutorial


The video is private

Copy trading on WebTrader


WebTrader is our customisable trading platform where you can trade on all your favourite assets simultaneously.

Enjoy an intuitive, full-screen interface with a host of features that can be tailored according to your preference. From charts to asset index, trading times to historical data, you choose what you want to see on your screen.

WebTrader is accessible from any web browser and is available in 12 languages.

Copy trading on WebTrader

WebTrader has a built-in copy trading feature that allows you to replicate the trades of other experienced traders. You can allow other traders to copy your trades, too. Available for real accounts only.


To ensure that all trades are executed properly, do not disable copy trading before your contract(s) expire. We won’t be liable if your copy trades aren’t executed.


is there someone who can have me copy their trades ?
please reply to

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yes you copy my Trade all u need is just $3-50 on ur live acc


sir can you contact me i like to learn more about copy trading

How can I be able to copy your trades?

hello the webtrader plaform is not allowing copy trades. i keep getting an error message that trader does not allow copy trading. how do i go by this. please help

U need to first allow coppier from ur account