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We’re glad that you’re interested in one of our copy trading features that we offer, please feel free to read about it below. If you have any inquiries, our reply section is open to questions and our admin team will do our best to assist you.

Where can I find the copy trading feature?

Currently, it is only available on, does not have the Copy trading feature yet.

Copy trading is allowed On WebTrader. If you’re not able to find the Webtrader in, please reach out to our customer support team via LiveChat for assistance.

Requirements for copy trading between trader and copier.

Copier and trader must have the same type of account (demo VRTC account to demo VRTC account, real CR account to real CR account) and same account currency.

How does copy trading work?

If you’re a trader, you may create a trader’s token from the link below:

  1. If the trader’s token is created from the above, you would need to tick the “Read” and “Trade” buttons.

  2. The copier of the token will also need to adjust the copying setting accordingly as it is set by default to have Min. Trade stake ($10), Max. Trade Stake ($100), Assets (volatility 10 Index) and Trade Types (Rise/Higher) / (Fall/Lower) information.

  3. As doesn’t have copy trading yet, any token created from the (API Token) page, the copier will have to copy the token to WebTrader → Token Management.

  4. The Trader can place the trade in Webtrader, Smart Trader, and Dtrader (all trade types except multiplier)

  5. The Trader and copier doesn’t need to have the same country of residence to perform Copy Trade


Step 1: go to web trader, click “Copy trading”

click here

Step 2: Choose “Trader”, click “Token Management” IMPORTANT: The client will need to access the Token management from the copy trading box or the token will not work

click here

Step 3: Create the token with “read and trade”, copy and send the token to the copier

click here

click here


Step 1: Go to the copy trading service, select copier, and add the token from the trader

click here

Step 2: Modify the copying settings (add assets, min-max trade) or leave everything blank if the copier wants to copy all trade

click here

Step 3: hit play to start copy trading. If you wish to stop copying the trade, click on the stop button.

click here

click here

We hope this information serves you well and if you need any clarifications, you may reply to this post, our team will be more than happy to help. :smiley:

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