CR1398276 Withdrawal II

Hi this is user CR1398276. I launched a complaint as far back as 9 days ago and i have still not received not even a single response from your organization. It is in regards to a withdrawal i processed on the 11th of August and it has yet to reflect in my bank account, its been 15 days and this is ridiculous! Attached below is confirmation that you did recieve my withdrawal request.

I think its supposed to be 15 working days…(Monday to Friday) am having same issue here too…mine withdrawal request back to my card was on 14 August…am waiting for the fifteenth day to make a formal complain to deriv… your 15 working days with be due on the 31st August…i guess so… lets wait and keep faith.

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@byssoid-acceder-2 have they resolve ur issue I’m facing the same problem