Cryptocurrency available on Deriv

Hi Deriv Community,

Why trade cryptocurrency in Deriv?

Take advantage of a highly liquid market with round-the-clock trading. Profit from correctly predicting the movement of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies.

Where to trade cryptocurrency?

You can trade cryptocurrency on our platform via our CFDs (DMT5 and Deriv X) and multipliers (DTrader and Deriv GO) platform.


CFD trading allows you to make a potential profit from the price movement of the underlying asset without purchasing it.

On Deriv, trading CFDs with high leverage lets you pay only a small fraction of the contract’s value and amplify your potential profit, similarly increasing your potential loss.

Cryptocurrency is available on the DMT5 Financial account and Deriv X Financial account.


Multipliers allow you to increase your potential profit and limit your potential loss. If the market moves in your favor, your profit is amplified by the chosen multiplier, and if the market moves against your prediction, you won’t lose more than your initial stake.

You may find the cryptocurrency on DTrader (multipliers). Which can also be found on Deriv GO app available on the App Store (IOS), Google Playstore, and Huawei AppGallery.

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