DBOT martingale step limit

Does anybody know how to limit the number of steps of martingale on DBOT? For example limiting the number of times the stake is doubled to 3 and then when this is reached cutting your losses and automatically going back to the initial stake.

@biocide-abacate-4 you need to use a variable and extra condition, i can help you if you could share the XML or screenshots.

Hi @Ant0n. Thank you for the reply. I’m just looking to apply it to the martingale quick strategy for now.

How can I send you XML? I also want same change.


I have sent you email.

please anyone can help? i wrote a condition to purchase a type of contract, let’s say rise, if this trade is lost then the next trade is double stake, but next trade only happens when the trade condition is met again. I want to take the next trade immediately with double amount irrespective of the condition. so basically ignoring the trade condition while martingale loop is going on. I kinda know the logic but can’t code
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