Deposit deducted from account but didn't reflect on deriv account

I made a deposit on 30 july. The amount was deducted from my bank account but I didn’t receive it on my deriv account

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Please contact us via Live Chatt to check the status

I have contacted the live chat already.

Or should I should go ahead an re contact live chat?

If you have contacted, the support team will resolve for you.

Okay thanks.

But please How long will it take to be resolved?

I’ve reached the live chat but there’s no candid step taken already in resolving the issue

I deposited on 31st July, the amount has been deducted from my bank account but i have not received it on my binary account

All these issues never existed before, why now then


Agents are not always available

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I deposit money from my skrill account and the money was debited still haven’t receive it in my account

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I have deposited into my deriv account on 30/7/2020 but they debited my first bank account but they didn’t credited me. And I have complain to the so colled robot

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Hi. Has your funds reflected yet?

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Hello good day I have not received the money yet and I always checked every time, do something about it I was debited instant , I hope to hear from you soon…

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Ohhh dear, was asking coz am experiencing the same problem. Made a deposit via Skrill and not received in my account yet. Hope they resolve it soon

Please, help me to resolve this issue
I made a deposit on 31st July uptill now it has not reflected in my binary account
what Will i do?

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I made a deposit this morning through my skrill account but it hasn’t been updated on my binary account but the amount has been deducted i my skrill account.

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We are talking 2 ourselves here the is 1 from that thing called Deriv

This people are incompetent and unreliable at we never had this issues why can’t we use an email to communicate with them?

How long it would take to resolve skrill issue?

Why isn’t customer support agent available in chat section. I tried to communicate with the agent multiple times but the after bot forward my request to agent. No agent comes even after 5 minutes of waiting. What’s is wrong with you guys?

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