deposit delay

I deposited on using Bitcoin to my account but it is yet to reflect please help me resolve this

Bitcoin deposit require 3 confirmation to complete, if the funds are not reflected after 24 hours, please contact us to check the status

It’s past 24hrs now and my deposit hasn’t been processed. Please I want to know the status of the operation and if my money can be refunded incase of any mishaps. Thank you in anticipation

I have deposited Rs.1000 from my SBI account on 26 may 2020 through Phpay and debited. But the same amount not deposited in my binany account. Given complaint to bank which they vetified and told that the transaction was successful and asked me to give complaint to binany for needful action. Kindly rectify the same and deposit the amount in my binany account for doing trading.

If you reduce network fee on the wallet you are sending from… Confirmation will delay (If true then exercise patience)… Any other problem can be if there was a mistake in the address copied.