Deposit not reflecting on my deriv account but deducted from my mastercard account

I deposit funds from my mastercard into my deriv account but the money is not reflecting on my deriv account but my mastercard linked account confirmed that the fund is deducted , please can you help.

Me to I deposited money into my deriv account but it is not reflecting what’s going on here?

I need help my money is not reflecting in my account

Pleas help i deposits 48hr uptil now the money was not reflected on my deriv account…but was debited from my bank account.

I don’t know what’s the point of posting here because there no reply and no 1 is attending my problem what’s going here?

Exactly there is no reply

Damn this people, was the best this deriv thing is not working for me

Exactly when did you make your deposit ? because i deposited mine maybe 3 hours ago.

I deposited mine about 2 n half hour ago

it’s frustrating man

And Skrill is disabled… anyone knows when it will be working?

Nobody knows shit here

If they can close my acc n give me my money back the better yerrr

I’ve the same problem

I have the same problem . Money came off my credit card but not reflecting on my Deriv account . 2 days ago .

3 working days now my money was not reflected on my deriv account but debited from my bank

3 working days that’s too long and what is happening with this deriv thing, because if you use the old platform it works properly but not the platform.

They did resolve the problem for me my money is now reflecting on my acc really appreciate it

Congrats , and after how long was it for them resolve your issue and did you have to submit the proof of deduction from your account?

How long did they take to resolve your issue ?