Deposits Not Successful

I have been trying to deposit into my account but I kept getting Deposit not successful message whereas my card is accepted on other trading website…
See the error message attached below

I have exactly this problem… and I have been using my card in depositing here before now. And now I can’t make deposit again and the information on that screenshot keep popping out at any single attempt to make a deposit.
Pls. What should we do???

I just discovered that MasterCard block out the use of their bank debit card on
This is quite unfortunate for some of us if the problem continues…
Please binary/deriv should try communicate with MasterCard on this issue please.
One cannot even use MasterCard on Skrill to make deposit into binary also.

I made a depost to my Deriv account through Ethereum have not seen it on my Deriv account

Pls I am finding it difficult to find my account with my card

Depending on the bank card you are using… Some bank blocked binary to access customers funds with reasons known to them. Try use another bank card.

Same here i can’t make deposits into my account its been saying the very same thing and i can’t use other medium its not favorable for me/

Use another bank debit card… I did same and it worked…
That message is there because your bank blocked binary from accessing customer’s fund…
I pray binary resolve the issues soon so that transactions can be done smoothly again.
I hope the reply help.

Which bank and debit card did you use, pls. I’m having the same problem with my visa card. The card I have with another bank is MasterCard, so I don’t know whether deposit with MasterCard will be accepted, being a Nigerian.

Use UBA Visa Card or any other bank MasterCard… GTBank MasterCard cannot be use.

I have First bank MasterCard. Is it acceptable?

Yes, if your card is accepted for online transactions…

OK. Thanks. Will try it now.

Just tried to deposit with my first bank MasterCard. Below is the response I got.

Is it activated for online transactions?
If you have not use it to make payment online before then go to the bank to activate the card…

Yes. I have been using it to fund my forex account with other brokers.

Hmm. I does know again oooo… I use UBA visa card to fund my account… You can try with Visa card of any of your sibling that’s not using the card with binary. I do use GTBank MasterCard until the limit of $100 per month.

My concern is that the complaint about unsuccessful deposits is becoming much. I hope it is not particular with Nigerians/Nigerian banks.

Its not only in Nigeria… Most of the complaints are also due to binary system error… When I had the issue on MasterCard, I complaints to the bank and I was told that the bank restrict access to funds of customers by Binary because of complaints from customers for charge back after losing funds while trading.

I don’t understand, pls. Is it that banks stopped processing fund transfers to binary; or that binary is restricting funds from being transferred to them?