I can’t deposit due to deposit limits numbers sence Thursday. And I can’t get agents, what sh

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@chairer-acapnic-2 ,. What do you mean by deposit limit?
And what method were you trying to use to make the deposit?

Cridit card

Sence Thursday. Normally this limits only last for 24hours.

@chairer-acapnic-2 ,. But you have been told what to do over there.
You are to contact deriv via the live chat on your deriv page and get this issue solved.
This type of issue cannot be resolved here.

Or you use another method to deposit.

I just had the same experience :broken_heart:how do I have it resolved?:pray:

So would there be a chance or it working fine or maybe money back?

How did you resolve this issue?

Hello all dears. I am new comer. I want to learn and earn through this platform. Kindly guide me

Hi @barfing-adamant-2, you may learn to trade using your demo account, and if you are facing any issues, you may reach out to us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible :slight_smile: