Deriv Go interface: Trade

Hello Deriv Community,

We have released our Deriv GO interface, divided into a few tabs: Home, Markets, Trade, Positions, and Cashier. You may find these on the bottom of the screen.

The Trade tab provides quick access to the Markets and Positions tab. You may click on the selection of the symbols on the top to access Markets and click the briefcase icon :briefcase: to access your open Positions.

Aside from the above, you can also select your preferred chart settings. We provide two different chart types which are Area and Candle. The contract marker provides an indicator once you purchased a multiplier contract, which may look like on the second image. The icon depends on the contract type either up or down.

From this, you may select the corresponding stake, multiplier, risk management, and type of contract. You may also refer to our Multiplier introduction here.

We hope this information is useful and feel free to reply to this thread should you have any feedback regarding our Deriv Go application. Thank you! :star2: