DMT5 Login Failure: Correct Server for Demo and Real account

Dear Members,

If you are trying to log into your MT5 platform and receiving an error of “Authentication Failed” despite using the correct account number & password, it could be due to the server you are using to access the account.

Please refer below to the correct servers to use for the account you are trying to access;
MT5 mobile application:
Real MT5 Account Server

  • Broker Code: Deriv Limited
  • Server: Deriv-Server

Demo MT5 Account Server

  • Broker Code: Deriv Limited
  • Server: Deriv-Demo

If you are uncertain on the password you are using, you may reset it as well. Please check this topic on password reset: How can I reset/change my DMT5 account password?

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Hi. Thanks for your post. I’m still having problems setting up my real account on my MT5 mobile app (android). The server listed on my account details is “Server - 02” (Africa). The mobile app does not list this. I can not find a away to change what’s there or search for my server. Please help?

Hi, did you ever get a solution for this? Im experiencing the same thing

Please deriv is only providing me with only deriv-demo why is it like this…? Can’t I go live…