How can I activate my account?

Did you wrongly/mistakenly close your account?

If yes, please let us know via LiveChat to reactivate your account and start trading with us again.

Aside to that, if your account is locked for any other reasons, we would have definitely sent you an email to your registered email address’s inbox.

You did not receive an email from us? We are sorry for the inconvenience but no worries, you can contact us right away via LiveChat and we will assist you.

Good morninhg.

I mistakenly deactivated my account. Now the problem is I have no access to use live chat. There is no option for me to do that. I initially just wanted to change the information in my account because I had changed location and I wanted to be able to use my bank account in the new location. But I couldnt do that either. Please help. I have tried sending emails, and I was not getting any response. I have been out for almost 3 days now…it is becoming stressful

Problème d’authentification

Hi greetings…I mistakenly closed my account and would want to reactivate it can I please get help.