how to fund in multiple account using one debit card

how one allow a debit card to be fund in multiple account

@araised-abuleia-2 ,. Hello, please kindly rephrase your statement and make it clear.

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good morning i hope you are doing good i have a problem in deposit to my account as i have multiple accounts so i want to fund all of them using 1 debit account so i want to know how to do it i hope i am clear thanks

@araised-abuleia-2 ,. Hello, If you mean using one credit card to fund multiple accounts, then the answer is NO.

It is against deriv rule to use one credit card for multiple accounts. Your account will be banned.

Thanks a lot so in order to fund another account I should first close the account that I’ve funded using the debit card so that I can be allowed to fund another account ??

@athogen-adsmith-1 ,. Yes. One card for only one account.
Multiple accounts are not allowed. Only one card can be used for one deriv account.


hi i am having some issues with my account my cashier is locked so for me to unlock it i have to send some of the documents but my issue is that i dont know where please help

@araised-abuleia-2 ,. Go to your menu settings and scroll to verification and send it there.
See the screenshot:

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