How to make block that runs5 second before every 5 min Candle

I want to check my Condition function to execute a trade for that i need to Run the Condition 5 seconds before Opening of Every 5 min Candle. How to Do that Can someone please help with that

Hello Apeteria, You may refer to this article Or alternatively you may also reach us via livechat

Hi I have read and Gone through it. It’s for those who don’t know what is DBOT. It’s the basics. I am working with Bots from past Some years now. But I never seen any bot working with Conditions of time so I need Help. Support diverted me to Community and Community telling me to go to support again. I think there should be some detailed Documents of how to use the Blocks related to time for my query. Please guide me. Thanks

Hi @apteria-abrooke-2, thank you for your suggestion, we will take the necessary information to be added to our DBot category here in Deriv Community. In the meantime, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. Kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.