Installing Acuity trading tools for MT5

Hello Deriv Community,

Here is steps on how to install Acuity trading tools on MT5 :slightly_smiling_face:

1.Download the installer file.
2. Log in to your MT5 desktop app.

3. After logging in successfully, run the installer file. You must remain logged in to MT5 throughout the installation process. The following image shows the name of the installer file:
4. Follow the given instructions to complete the setup.

5. Once the setup is complete, restart your MT5 desktop app to complete the
installation. In the Navigator panel, you’ll see the following tools listed under
Expert Advisors:
○ Acuity Calendar
○ Acuity Market Alerts
○ Acuity Research Terminal
○ Signal Centre Trade Ideas

6. On the Market Watch panel, right-click on any symbol and click Chart Window. A
new chart window will appear.

7. In the Navigator panel, double-click the tool you want to use and click OK when the following window appears. The tool will then be added to the chart window

Note: To use Signal Centre Trade Ideas, enable Algo Trading first.

Acuity can be used only in MT5 Dekstop Version
This suite is only available on the MT5 desktop terminal for Windows and is most useful for your MT5 Financial account.

We hope this information helps. If you need further assistance contact us via live chat.

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