made binary my beneficiary yet no reflection of deposit

Good day.

i made a deposit on 11 November/ via inside the bank/i did not use zingpay. i added binary as a beneficiary. but yet no reflection in my CR1312719 account

@aquatic-abutter-2 ,. First, go to your bank again and confirm if the money has actually left your account.

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good day /thanks for the info , i did visit my bank today , money left account

@aquatic-abutter-2 ,. Ok since you have confirmed from your bank that money left your account and up till now it has not reflected in your deriv account, you need to contact deriv via the “live chat” on your deriv page.

When you get there, click on the deposit button and check for the issue that apply to you and wait to chat with them.

good day / live chat are not working…

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@aquatic-abutter-2 ,. It is working. Others have used it. I too have used it. Follow the directions I gave you above and be patient till you reach one.

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good day no reply nothing /i did follow your advice but no live chat for the whole 7 days

theres no link or any chat icon

@aquatic-abutter-2 ,. Please take a look at the screenshot below. I circled the “live chat” feature there.

Do you not have that on your deriv page?

good day/theirs no live chat icon /im using laptop ill check if i can download app,ill try again via app…if could take a screenshot ull see there is no live chat icon.will try again now

still nothing iv downloaded the app but still no nothing /i will give you the bank number i used to transfer money.also my account maybe blocked. its 10 days now and im getting impatient i transferred a R750 = $50. /im in South Africa
can i add the bank number i used to transfer the money to.
plse it u maybe can chat please use it to sort out my problem coz i dont have no live chat on my page /the number i used to transfer too /Absa 4098971196/my trading account is CR1312719/i dnt get live chat please assist with this

@aquatic-abutter-2 ,. Well, since you don’t have a “live chat” feature on your deriv page, then am sorry, there is nothing that can be done. Try and send a mail to support and hope to get a reply.

But someone else used a VPN for a location that allows live chat. I am not encouraging that because your account can be locked for using a vpn to get that live chat feature.
But it’s your choice to make.

if you have live chat and is working why not use it to sort out this problem /whats the email address.

hope to get a reply damn is this customer service

can you give that info maybe to NADEEMA ALI PLEASE