As much as i try not to believe, Why do i feel my account is either being monitored or trades manipulated?

When i have small capital, my trades go well, when i use same strategy on big funds i end up in loses many times. Buy and sell limit hardly hit but does well on my demo account. Consistent Spike delay when i use big lot size and as soon as i close after a long wait (in loss), big spike hit… This has happened over time.
Sometimes, my data connection is active, while in profit and trying to close, my MT5 is live but candles static, and app is frozen( not reading profits or loss) when i restart, it shows new figure and goes static till losses set it. My friend told me of his experience of differences in chart when he was trading the same pair with another person.

I was told deriv is the best but my experiences so far has not been encouraging at all. PS: am not new to pairs so i know this.

What is going on?
Can someone really help me with better understanding of whats going on?

Hi @bandala-adamite-2 , Thank you for posting in our Deriv Community. We regret to note this. However, we would need to check further on your issue. Therefore, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Fiarness is all am asking for. This is too much. I trade other brokers on my MT5 but this is not the case with them. I do more on deriv so i expect same fairness they offer if not more!

If this continues, I’ll keep evidences for future references