MT5 Login Guide for Mobile Application - Android

Dear members of Deriv Community,

If you have some difficulty making the login to your MT5 account, please check some useful answers below.

How do I find my MT5 login details?

At our websites, use the information in the MT5 dashboard:

At the dashboard, you will see the Broker name, Server and, Login ID - Use the information you see at the dashboard to connect your account to the MT5 app installed on your mobile device. If you have more than one account please scroll down to see other account’s information. For the demo account information just click on “demo account” by the side of the “real account” circled in yellow.

At your MT5 app you will click on the 3 lines at the left top corner of the screen, then click on manage accounts and click the “+” sign to add a new account. You can follow the same steps as the images below:

After you clicked on the “+” button you will find the broker name, then fill in your login ID, password and, select the correct server for your account. Your login ID and correct server can be checked at the MT5 dashboard.

To change between servers you just need to click on the arrow and select the one that is correct for your account.

After you click on login your account will be connected to your MT5 application and you can enjoy your trading activity.