MT5 verification

Hi I need assistance to verify my account for MT5

Verification is only required if you are opening DMT5 Financial STP account, when you open, it will give you an option to verify your account.

on the same matter of account verification, does it mean there is no need to submit Documents for Synthetic Account i can’t see the option to upload Documents??

Only creating a DMT5 Financial STP will require you to authenticate the account.

If you are planning to create a DMT5 Financial STP with us, please click here

Once you click on Financial STP the page will direct you to provide all the required information and documents.

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 2.09.06 PM

HI @cascado-accepts-2,

Nop, creating DMT5 Synthetic account will not require authentication.

If your account is required to be authenticated, you will get a banner providing an option to upload documents.

My account doesn’t send my log in details,it only tells me about the rebranding of binary afterwards I don’t know what to do

My account doesn’t send the log in details,it tells me about the rebranding,what do I do ?

Please go here to see your DMT5 login details. You will be able to see your MT5 account number, broker’s and server’s name.