My Credit Card Deposit Declined

This usually happens to clients who are depositing with us for the first time using their credit card.

You will need to contact your respective bank to authorise transactions with us, ‘Deriv’.

If that doesn’t work, you may contact us or use another payment method.

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I’m already using my card to deposit on do still need to contact my bank before I can use it on


Not necessary. However, if you face any issues to deposit despite of using the card on your Binary account, please contact us via LiveChat to check your account status. Thank you.

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Okay… thank you

One more question. If i deposit through card and after trading I transfer to cryptocurrency can I make my withdraw from there as it more easy and fast?

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It’s depending on the card type you have used and country of residence. If the credit card options are not available for withdrawal, you may use cryptocurrency to withdraw.

Thank you tom. Talk with you next time

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Are they withdrawal fees to withdraw cryptocurrency from they platform after trading?

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There will be no fees imposed for deposit & withdrawals.

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Estuve depositando con método de pago de TARJETA DE CRÉDITO pero me informa que e excedido el numero de intentos de depósito con este método de pago.
quiero saber si eso es por hoy día y mañana podré depositar nuevamente o ese limite es mensual ??

You may contact your bank if it a first deposit or use any eWallets as the processing is much faster. If the issue is persisting and you would prefer to use your bank card, please contact us via LiveChat so we can help you further.

Please, I seem to having the same problem as I can’t deposit to my account with in 2 roll, though I have been using the process(card) to do so on Binary.

howzit having trouble depositing money

What is the error message you are receiving?
You have used the card before on our platform?
If yes, which if the below error you are receiving?

  • Common declined : We will suggest your to contact your bank
  • Insufficient amount of balance : We will advice you to check your account first with your bank before attempting to deposit.
  • Limit exceeded : We will suggest your to contact your bank
  • Exceeded deposit limit : If you have attempted a few unsuccessful deposits and receive an error stating you have exceeded your deposit limit, we will advise you to try after an hour.
    This is due to multiple transactions within a short period of time.

If the issue is persisting and you would prefer to use your bank card, please contact us via LiveChat so we can help you further.

Please I’ve been having this same issue for two weeks now, I’ve been unable to make deposits using my Credit Cards and I have No issues with my bank and I also have Sufficient Funds to make the payment, this is my Ist deposit… please what do I do?

Common declined : We will suggest your to contact your bank


Please contact us via Live Chat for us to check in your account

I have been trying to access you guys on the Live chat for more than a Week now but all to No avail

Hello everyone.
I have been trying to withdraw from my binary account and it’s not been working.
I deposited easily with my 3 different MasterCard But then to withdraw is an issue.
It is so heartbreaking :man_facepalming:t6::broken_heart:
They keep telling my my card is not eligible for withdrawal and I am not also eligible for a payment agent.
This is just so heartbreaking as I urgently need money

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I have been having the same thing, and the message I get is that my uploaded documents are being reviewed, they are being reviewed for the last 10 days.
I really think there is something fishy going on.
I called them on many of their published numbers, and all they have is automated answers, all they say is that all agents are busy and you should call later. If anyone can help, please do, you may contact me at my email,

Hi @attrite-abramis-2,
Yes, your account needed to be authenticated before unlocking. We had requested for an alternative document and you have replied us with the document a few hours back.
We will check the document and revert to you soon.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.