My Credit Card Deposit Declined

kindly refer to this topic: MasterCard Withdrawal Issue

Dear NazieemAli

It has been more than a year since my account opening and the system message “my uploaded documents are being verified” has been constantly on the screen when ever I open my profile to check authentication. It never asked me to upload again until yesterday after my complaint, I hope this time it works.

Happy EID and Stay Safe

M Karim Kamal

Most probably one of the document could have expired. Please contact us via Live Chat to check your account

Please find attached my current account bank statement that issued my credit card that I use for my deposits for your record of prof of address.

(Attachment attachment 1.pdf is missing)

Please find attached my current account bank statement that issued the credit card that I use for my binary deposits.

M Karim Kamal

I have been trying to deposit into my binary account for the past two days now but it keeps telling me ‘Transaction Declined’,and i have been using this method…

Why can’t I use 2 different accounts for with 1 credit card to deposit? And which customer services is this message refer to (my bank or And if it is possible what should I do?

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We do not accept documents via forum, please upload them via your account Authentication page:

Thank you.

Clients are not allowed to share their Payment Methods for security reasons. You may experience delays in payout process if the payment method is being shared with another account.

Refer: I Am Unable To Withdraw

Thank you.

Can i do deposit with this Email

hello Good day
Assuming i deposited but later didn’t trade and decided to withdraw the money.
About how long will it take for me to withdraw the money?
how long will it take for me to see the money in my ewallet?
thank you and God bless you

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I have been experiencing transaction decline lately, not minding the fact that my binary account has been verified and authenticated successfully. Interestingly, I have used same debit card before to fund my binary account.

Please, what’s the possible way out?

Thank you!

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Please i have used my first bank credit card to deposit to my deriv account before and it was successful.And i have been trying to deposit another fund with that same first bank credit card to the same account and it has been declining.
Perhaps I’m a Nigerian

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The email is no longer valid

I have two Deriv accounts and I will appreciate to use 1 credit card to deposit in both accounts, if possible.

I have a problem here I just deposited money in my binary wallet just now and it does not reflect but has been deducted from my bank account what is the cause of this?

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Tengo un problema con mis retiros ya que utilice la misma cuenta skrill para dos cuentas pero no puedo retirar

Can Visa card be used for withdrawals?

Please I usually credit my acct on using my credit card but I tried to credit it yesterday and it declined but previously I have been depositing wit the same credit card and acct