Payment Agent Activation

Payment agent activation

Did you use the same method to deposit (payment agent)?

If yes, you should be able to withdraw using the same method.
We always encourage our clients to deposit and withdraw using the same method. If you are still having any trouble, please contact our LiveChat support.

Did you deposit using MasterCard, traded with us and wish to use Payment agent to withdraw?

If yes, we can allow you to withdraw using a payment agent once your account is authenticated.
*To authenticate your account we will need a valid proof of identity and proof of address.

Did you deposit using Ewallet and wish to change your payment method to Payment agent?

If yes, we will require you to withdraw back to your eWallet first. Once you have withdrawn the same amount you had deposit via the Ewallet, you may contact us via LivaChat and we will activate the payment agent option.

Have you deposited using an Ewallet/Visa card and the stated account have been closed or expired and wish to activate your payment agent option?

If yes. please provide us with a proof/screenshot showing the account used to deposit is inactive together with the authentication documents via LiveChat
*To authenticate your account we will need a valid proof of identity and proof of address.

hola buenas tardes el 01 de septiembre ise un deposito de artim de 500 usd y no me aparecen en mi cuenta de binary

I deposited via payment agent but couldn’t withdraw via them.

Please help me resolve this.

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I use same method to deposit, I used mytopexchange Kindly activate my account to use same to withdraw


I am having issue withdrawing from my Payment Agent account, I run also a Payment Agent with the account CR282699, Which I stated during the application that I will make deposit and withdrawal through Bitcoin so I opened a crypto account (Bitcoin) CR926087, that is the account I have been using to receive payment and send payment to my clients in naira after I convert the bitcoin, I tried to make withdrawal on friday through the Bitcoin account CR926087 and I got the message that it was decline due to the fact that i was not trading much with the account, that the account is not for banking purpose.

I made this account a PAYMENT AGENT ACCOUNT and I also use to do personal trading on MT5 Sythetic 331709 and Financial 1106562.



Crypto : CR926087

Please Process my withdrawals so that can pay back my client for PA

Good day,

I used MasterCard to deposit but I want to use a Payment Agent to withdraw as well as deposit later on.

Please help me resolve this.