Payout Limitations in Options Trading

I observed that there are payout limitations for options trading since is rebranded as deriv. However, when I had a word with the representative over live chat I was informed that the payout limitations apply based on market conditions.

However I noticed few major changes made and not communicated to us.

The minimum time for options trading has been updated to 15 minutes which was previously as low as 1 minute.
As far as the payout is being considered, I have been getting the same excuse of market conditions since the start of 2022 and the limit the payout to $100 through out the year.

Can we expect to see some changes in the maximum payout in options trading in the coming year or is it going to be $100 max and would be getting the same response from the live chat as “DEPENDS ON MARKET CONDITIONS”?

I’m seriously disappointed with Deriv with the new changes made. I hope you revert back to few changes associated with

Dear @Diwakar, we are sorry that you feel this way. Please note that, we would need to check further on your issue. Therefore, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

@Fabiana_Deriv The live chat is absolutely useless and they have no clue as to what information needs to be given. Recently I’m also starting to face a new issue. Copy trading option is not working for eUSDT account. Is there any limitation to that? Will the copy trade works for only Fiat currency accounts or even it can be used in crypto accounts?

Hello @Diwakar we are sorry you feel this way however, we need to check further on your issue. In case you do not want to be assisted via live chat, you can choose to send an email via live chat here and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

@Fabiana_Deriv I have tried connecting with the live chat and every time I get the same useless response of blaming on market conditions. If the payouts are limited to just $100 irrespective of market conditions, just own it and tell it to the community that the payouts for binary options have been limited to a maximum payout of $100. Please do not put everything on market conditions.

This is the issue I have been observing since 1 year and the market conditions are not the same through out the year for you guys to limit the maximum payout to $100 per trade.

If the issue cannot be resolved, then I might have no choice rather than looking out for other competitive players in the market who do not have such restrictions.

I need one final answer for the payout limitations in Deriv. Will they be changed or would be limited to $100?

If they are limited then I request for my account deactivation.

Hello @Diwakar, thank you for your response. We are sorry that you feel that way. For more information, please refer to the articles below pertaining to your concerns. Alternatively, you can contact us through Live Chat