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Good afternoon !!

I would like to know the possibility of trading here at Deriv through the CTRADER platform. The reason is that I have been using this platform for a long time and a particularity of it that interests me is the Copy Trad that it has, and its practicality is that I can put people, unknown and from anywhere in the world, to copy me that they already have , according to the percentage I charge, it already withdraws from that customer’s account and gives me the amount without me having to make any contact with customers, and the platform also has the connection between accounts via API, so I don’t need to put clients’ accounts on a VPS and not even have access to their trading platform. Can you help me?




Thank you for your message and suggestion. As of now, we do not provide trading through this platform. You can always check for updates on our official page or on social networks.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via livechat.

Thank you!
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