Platform crash in real trading, on the mobile version of deriv.Com

Platform failure and money drain due to platform failure

I had a real fact of platform failure and money drain because of this, I am ready to provide evidence!Here are screenshots, account histories. Look carefully, there is always a purchase and then a sale, and here there are two sales in a row after a purchase! And pay attention to the time of the beginning of the transaction and its completion! The platform crashed and started pouring money itself! I made five transactions in a row, at {2.68 × 5} = 13.4 There was a deposit of 19.91 became after the drain the platform- (6.51 ) And here is a screenshot of the account history![Screenshot_2020-09-28-11-35-22|281x500](upload://csUdMR5xqvq0nzUCEjwEhav20J7.png)Брокер binary.Com, верните мне (13,4 .), На мой реальный счет: - (CR337547), которые просочились на вашу мобильную платформу, делая ставки вместо меня! Broker binary.Com, give me back (13.4 $.), To my real account: - (CR337547), which I lost, because after the platform failure, your platform made bets for me! Send my letter to the Binary.Com management