Setting Custom Default Template

Dear Members,

To set your own MetaTrader default template, do the following:

  1. Configure the desired chart and bar colors.
  2. Set the preferred scale.
  3. Select the preferred chart type.
  4. Load the indicators you want with their settings.
  5. Load the EA you want and set it up.
  6. Right-click the chart and select Template, or click the Templates button in the Charts toolbar.
  7. Click Save Template…
  8. Name the template as Default and click Save; it will prompt to overwrite the existing default template.

You can follow a similar process to create other templates that you can apply when desired.

You have now created your custom default template and you will be very happy to see that even when you restart MetaTrader 5 your settings will be maintained.

This is very useful also to match the charts with your trading strategy as the template will automatically apply the indicators, and many strategies are based on a number of indicators.

Creating a default template will save you time — you will have the chart ready for analysis in just two clicks.

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