Strategy Tester - Selection of Input Parameters

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Input parameters are values that can be set in an Expert Advisor (EA) to customize its behavior and adjust it to different market conditions and financial instruments. By adjusting the input parameters, you can test how the EA performs with different values for things like stop loss and take profit levels, periods of moving averages used for analysis, and other variables. In order to use the EA, you need to specify a value for each of the input parameters that it has. These values can be set in the EA’s configuration or in the software platform that is used to run the EA.

Specify a value for each input parameter.

Parameter sets. You can at any time return to the current settings of your MQL5 program by saving a set of its parameters using a context menu:

  • To save the current set of input parameters as a file on your computer, click “Save”. These files can be transferred between platforms on different computers or shared with other users. To save a set of input parameters for future use within the current platform, click “Save Version”. These saved presets will be stored in the “Load Version” sub-menu and can be applied to the Expert Advisor (EA) at any time by selecting the appropriate version from the list.

**Note: This will only be applicable on the desktop app and not applicable on the web terminal

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