Telegram notifications from your Dbot

Dear member,

Did you know you can set your Dbot to send you Telegram notifications about your Trading activities?

Here is how it works:
You will be notified of your Bot performance via a Telegram notification.
On how much profits/loss has been made and receive a heads up in case balance is running low.

Here’s how to enable the block in your trade:

  1. Create a Telegram bot and get your Telegram API token. Read more on how to create bots in Telegram here: Bots: An introduction for developers
  2. Start a chat with your newly created Telegram bot and make sure to send it some messages before proceeding to the next step. (e.g. Hello Bot!)
  3. Get the chat ID using the Telegram REST API (read more: Telegram Bot API)
  • Visit the following URL, make sure to replace <access_token> with the Telegram API token you created in Step 1:<access_token>/getUpdates
  • Find the chat ID property in the response, and copy the value of the id property
  1. Come back to DBot and add the Notify Telegram block to the workspace. Paste the Telegram API token and chat ID into the block fields accordingly.

Hope this information was helpful.