Telegram notifications from your Dbot

Dear member,

Did you know you can set your Dbot to send you Telegram notifications about your Trading activities?

Here is how it works:
You will be notified of your Bot performance via a Telegram notification.
On how much profits/loss has been made and receive a heads up in case the balance is running low.

Here’s how to enable the block in your trade:
Part 1

Obtain Access Token

  1. Information on how the Telegram Bot works > Bots: An introduction for developers ( Read

  2. Then navigate here Bots: An introduction for developers

  3. Tap on Start on the @BotFather and proceed to create the Telegram Bot

  4. Access Token will be provided by the @BotFather once the Telegram Bot is successfully created.

Part 2

  1. Steps to Obtain Chat ID

From this section > Telegram Bot API ><access_token>/getUpdates

Replace the ( <access_token> ) part with the Access Token obtained in step 4.

Send a Random message through the newly created Telegram Bot

Then refresh the[<access_token>/getUpdates](<access_token>/getUpdates) page

Copy the Chat ID displayed in this part, Example ( “chat”:{“id”:5952065694,“first_name”:“Rao”,“type”:“private”}

Copy the Access Token and the Chat ID accordingly into the Telegram Notification Block

Hope this information was helpful.