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The trading platform’s Strategy Tester offers a visual mode for testing Expert Advisors and indicators, enabling a clear visualization of trade operations during backtesting. As each financial instrument trade is displayed on its chart, this mode allows for a precise assessment of the Expert Advisor’s performance. With the visual testing mode, historical data can be used to evaluate an indicator’s performance. This feature simplifies the testing process for demo versions of indicators downloaded from the Market.


To start the visual testing:

*To activate the “Visualization” feature in the Strategy Tester settings, choose it from the options. When you opt for testing indicators, the visualization option will be turned on by default.

To utilize the visualization feature, ensure that the optimization mode is turned off since it is only accessible during the testing phase.

When conducting testing, ensure that a local agent is employed. If a remote agent is selected, use the “Select” command in the context menu to switch to a local agent.
If all of the above conditions are met, clicking on the “Start” button opens the visualization window.

Testing Visualizer runs in a separate window:

Testing Visualization

Several forms of information are available regarding the testing process, including a price chart that displays trade operations, a market watch that shows prices generated during testing, a data window that provides information about a selected point on the chart, and a multifunctional toolbox window that displays trade operations and logs of the visualizer performed by an Expert Advisor during testing.

**Note: This will only be applicable on the desktop app and not applicable on the web terminal

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