Trouble opening a real account


I was trying to open a real synthetic account but instead I opened a gaming account.

I tried to open a real account but whenever I fill in my information and confirm it says that there is already a real account with my details.

But I can’t find it anywhere.

Please see attached screenshots.

Hopefully you can figure this out for me.

Hi @caddies-abaisse-5,

To open a real synthetic account on, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Once on the MetaTrader 5 dashboard, click ‘+New Account’

  3. Select whether you wish to open a demo account or a real account.

  4. Choose your preferred account type from the available selection and click on ‘Next’

  5. Enter your name, assign a password to this account and click “Create Account”

  6. Your new account will be created. You will be able to see the account login ID on the same dashboard.

  7. You can proceed to log in to MetaTrader 5 using the MT5 login ID from the dashboard and the password you just assigned.

Please make sure to use the correct Server for your account type when logging in:

  • Deriv-Server for real accounts
  • Deriv-Demo for demo accounts