Types of commission plans for Deriv Affiliate Programme

Greetings Deriv Community,

We would like to share that we have 3 commission plans offered for Affiliate:

Revenue share
Earn commission of up to 45% based on the monthly net revenue generated by your clients. The higher their net revenue, the higher your commission payout.

Earn up to 1.5% commission for each contract bought by your clients. The lower the probability of winning, the higher your commission payout.

Cost per acquisition (For the EU only)
Earn 100 USD in commission for each successful referral. Your referred client must open a real account using your tracking link and deposit 100 USD or more (one-time or accumulative).

Learn more about our commission plans on our Affiliate and IB Programme page.

I want to be part of deriv affiliate

Hi, @biffins-achaean-2. Thank you for posting on our community. Kindly refer to this article to register as an affiliate:

Hope the above information will be useful.