What is wrong with Zingpay payment method?

I have been using Zingpay method with no struggle to deposit and to withdraw for 2 years. All of a sudden I get this, “Your proof of identity needs to be verified in order to make deposits via ZingPay.”

When I navigate to the Authentication status I get this,
" No authentication required

You do not need to authenticate your account at this time.
We will inform you when your account needs to be authenticated."

What can I do to fix this?


Same applies and sad part is the is no one to help with our problem

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@clarine-accrete-2 , @clatter-aburban-2 ,. Please kindly contact deriv via the “live chat” on your deriv page.

When you are there, be patient till you reach a representative. Present your issue and it will be solved.

I will continue waiting, been trying to get through a represantative since Monday.

Como faço pra pro meus robôs ser liberado


Click this link, it will allow you to verify your stuff, it takes 3 days and they respond via email

Hi I am also experiencing the issue when I logged an inquiry I got an automated reply without help. Does anyone still using Zingpay?