Why Are UK Gaming Accounts Being Closed?

As part of changes in our product line-up, we will be closing Gaming accounts belonging to our UK/Isle of Man clients.

What this means for you

You can no longer trade digital options on any of our platforms. You also can’t deposit funds into your Gaming account.

Any open positions on digital options have been closed with full payout.

What you need to do now

Please proceed to withdraw all your funds from your Gaming account before 30 November 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat.

Does this mean UK customers cannot trade on Binary.com again? or we have to open another type of Account. Please revert

Gaming accounts to be closed in the UK and Isle of Man

Due to changes in our product line-up, residents of the United Kingdom and Isle of Man can no longer sign up for Gaming accounts with us.
Our UK and Isle of Man clients can’t trade digital options or make deposits into their Gaming accounts. They need to withdraw all funds from their Gaming accounts before 30/11/2021.


i,too, received this and was quite upset to learn that gaming accounts will be closed as this is by far my favourite platform!

So, going forward, how do i open a fresh new account so i can start trading again after the accounts are closed?

Hope to hear some good news!
KInd regards

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I received the same notification. gaming account closure.

Their synthetic instruments were decent for trading on, one of the better platforms I used for binary options over the past few years. I’ve written to them to find out exactly why Uk client accounts are closing, but so far no reply. My hunch is they don’t make enough money out of us from this revenue stream on their books.

So it seems the marriage is over.
Already lined up 3 alternative brokers that offer UK clients binary options.
goodbye binary/deriv dot com.

please let us know if you have received any answers from deriv regarding uk clients. this was such a sudden so called ‘business decision’… is it because of uk not being part of the eu? or as u say deriv not making ‘enough’ money from the uk stream? i do not understand. there are so many other brokers who are not even as known as deriv is but still offering services to uk people. is that deriv is ‘too greedy’? in my opinion, they should have at least given us a longer notice not an abrupt termination. such a cruel move i’d say.

Anybody know of any alternative brokers for similar options etc.?

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I know of a broker who is more or less similar. they are also 24/7. i do not think it is appropriate to list them here. if you want to know contact me @ thinkbright557 on tlegram. thank you

please could you share what are those three brokers you have discovered?