Why is my DP2P balance is not showing ?


DP2P Balance

Please note that we don’t accept credit and debit cards (including Maestro and Diners Club), ZingPay, Skrill, Direct Banking Nigeria and Neteller for Deriv P2P deposits anymore.

Kindly note that the P2P balance is calculated taking into consideration ALL the deposits you have made to your account (All payment methods)

Thus, we would advise you to continue to deposit with DP2P in order to be able to see your funds on the DP2P balance.

We hope this information finds you well. :innocent:

Should you have any queries please contact us through LiveChat. :bulb:

This happens to my account often … I only deposit with P2P but I get forced to withdraw through the bank and that takes long…p2p is instant and that is why I have used this broker for years. If I continue experiencing this I will move my money and trade from other brokers.

Hi @bushies-acaudal-2, thank you for posting in our Deriv Community. For better assistance and protection of your account’s data. Kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.