Withdraw with mastercard not possible / withdraw option via Netteller

Hello Deriv teams,

Unfortunately I am not able to withdraw via mastercard on the binary cashier-section.
I get the following message:
“We’re sorry but this card number cannot be used to receive payouts. Please try another card or contact Customer Services for assistance.”

I would like to withdraw via Netteller account - but unfortunately in the meantime I have no option to withdraw via Netteller account.

How can I install the withdrawal option via Netteller to the cashier-section of my account?

Many thanks for your help and support.


Deposit via the Netteller account you wish to use in withdrawing… But Make sure the Netteller account is not link to any other binary account, then withdrawal option via the Netteller wallet will be available on your next withdraw.

I have the same problem :frowning:

I made a withdrawal on 21st of August and have not received the fund in my card account.

How can used netteller account

Hello…, I have use my card once to deposit before and now i wish to deposit again into the very same account but I’m beeing told i can’t because the card details have beeing registered to some other account. Shocking because I havnt shared my with/deposit info with any one