Working with charts

In the DBot workspace, click Chart.

The chart will be displayed on your screen.

How to select or change the market

Click the market selector to see the markets available to you, browse through the categories, and select the market you want to trade.

How to select or change the chart type

To select the chart type you want, click Chart types from the toolbar.

From the popup box, select the chart type and time interval.


The chart will be updated with your selection.

How to select indicators

Click Indicators from the toolbar to see a list of available indicators.


Click the indicators you want, and they will be applied to the chart. You can have up to 5 active indicators.

To remove an indicator from the chart, click the recycle bin next to the indicator name.


How to draw on charts

Click Drawing tools from the toolbar.

There are a variety of drawing tools that you can use on the chart.


Select the drawing tool you want. Click on the desired point on the chart to start drawing.

To remove a drawing from the chart, click the recycle bin icon next to the drawing tool. To remove all drawings, click Clear all.|606.9925894737244x453.9941954612732

How to download the charts

To download the chart, click Download from the toolbar.

You can download the chart as an image (.PNG) or as a CSV file. Select the format you want, and your chart will be downloaded to your computer.