Adjusting charts timeframe

Hello Deriv Community,

The timeframe refers to the duration of a market trend, and traders use different timeframes to analyze and trade various assets based on their investment horizon and trading approach. Immediate or primary timeframes are currently relevant and attract day traders and high-frequency trading systems. They include charts that show price movements over a few minutes, hours, or days, and traders who focus on these timeframes aim for short-term trading opportunities. On the other hand, traders with a longer-term investment horizon may use longer timeframes such as weekly or monthly charts to identify long-term trends and hold positions for an extended period. It’s worth noting that different timeframes offer different market perspectives, and traders can use multiple timeframes in their analysis to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the market.

DESCRIPTION: below you can find a step-by-step guidance in case you are unable to adjust the chart timeframe in your MT5 account.

POSSIBLE REASON: You might be referring to the incorrect time frame for doing any trading analysis or making market movement prediction.


  • From MT5 web terminal/PC application, please select your preferred timeframe as shown in the screenshot below. It is located at the top left corner of your MT5 account.

  • From MT5 mobile app, please go to Charts >> Click on the screen showing the asset price movement >> A circle will be prompted showing the timeframe and other features

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