Bill Williams indicators — Gator Oscillator

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The Gator Oscillator is a technical analysis tool that is used to measure the convergence and divergence of the Alligator Indicator. The oscillator oscillates above and below a zero line and displays green bars above the line and red bars below, indicating buying or selling pressure. It was developed by Bill Williams, a well-known technical analyst and trader.

The Gator Oscillator is calculated as the difference between the Alligator’s jaw and teeth lines, which are moving averages of the security’s price. The jawline is a 13-period simple moving average that is displaced 8 periods into the future, the teeth line is an 8-period simple moving average that is displaced 5 periods into the future, and the lips line is a 5-period simple moving average that is displaced 3 periods into the future.

To find and apply the Gator Oscillator on the MT5 platform, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MT5 account.
  2. Open a chart for the security you want to analyse.
  3. Click “Insert” in the toolbar at the top.
  4. Select “Indicators” from the dropdown menu.
  5. Scroll down in the Indicators menu, and find “Bill Williams” in the list of indicators.
  6. Select “Gator Oscillator” from the menu that appears.
  7. In the “Indicators” window, scroll down to “Bill Williams” and select “Gator Oscillator.”

Once you have set the desired parameters, click “OK” to apply the indicator to the chart. The Gator Oscillator will be displayed as a histogram below the price chart.
Screenshot 2023-01-09 3.23.31 PM

You can use the Gator Oscillator in conjunction with other technical indicators and chart patterns to help identify changes in market trends and confirm the strength of a trend.

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