Chart Types available in DMT5 (Web Terminal)

Hi Deriv Community,

We offer a few chart types for your visuality which include bar, candlesticks, and line charts. All of these are available on the web terminal.

To view different types of charts, you would need to follow the guidelines below.

1. Head over to the DMT5 dashboard

Login into your MT5 web terminal in the DMT5 dashboard and click on “trade” for the respective account.

For visual aid click here

If you would like to know the difference between Financial and Synthetic accounts, you may refer to this post.

2. Select the MetaTrader 5 Web

You would need to click on the open button of the MetaTrader 5 web and it’s going to launch to the web terminal of MT5.

From there, you would need to login into your account accordingly. If you’re having issues to login, please refer to our post on MT5 login;

For visual aid click here

3. Select the Upper Toolbar or Charts Drop-down Menu

The chart selection will be available on the upper toolbar and charts drop-down menu.

For visual aid click here

We hope this information helps you to change the charts on the web terminal and if you have any inquiries, you may reply to this post. :sparkles: