Commodities on Deriv

A commodity is either grown or produced naturally in the environment. Examples include crude oil, metals, gold, and silver.

Why trade Commodities on Deriv?

Speculate on the price movements of silver, gold, oil and more. Profit from the price difference when the market moves in the direction that you have predicted.

  • Competitive fixed and variable spreads
  • No commission on any commodity contract
  • All four precious metals and crude oil available
  • Easy-to-use platforms, superior chart technology

Where can you trade Commodities on Deriv?

You can trade stock indices on CFDs in DMT5 and Deriv X platform and Options trading on DTrader.

To know more on DMT5 and Deriv X platform, you may refer to our Deriv Community here:

For DTrader you may check out our posts on Deriv Community here:

What Deriv offers in Commodities?

On CFDs, you can find the below markets on the DMT5 and Deriv X platform:

  • Metals: Aluminium/USD, Copper/USD, Gold/USD and many more
  • Energy: Brent crude oil and West Texas Intermediate

On Options, you can find the below markets on DTrader platform:

  • Metals: Gold/USD, Palladium/USD, Platinum/USD and Silver/USD
  • Energy: Oil/USD

We hope the above information finds you well :sparkles: