Contract Types Available in Deriv Trader

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We offer three contract types on Deriv Trader: Ups & Downs, Highs & Lows, and Digits.

Ups & Downs

The trade that we offer in Deriv Trader for Up/Down is the Rise/Fall.

For the Rise/Fall, you predict whether the market will rise or fall from its current level. If your prediction is correct, you win the payout. Otherwise, if your prediction is incorrect, you lose your stake.

Highs & Lows

For Highs & Lows, we offer two types namely Higher/Lower and Touch/No Touch.

  • Higher/Lower
    Predict whether the exit spot will be higher or lower than a price target (the barrier) at the end of the contract period.

  • Touch/No Touch
    Predict whether the market will touch or not touch a target at any time during the contract period.


We offer three types of Digits trades which are Matches/Differs, Even/Odd, and Over/Under.

  • Matches/Differs
    Predict what number will be the last digit of the last tick of a contract.

  • Even/Odd
    Predict whether the last digit of the last tick of a contract will be an even number or an odd number.

  • Over/Under
    Predict whether the last digit of the last tick of a contract will be higher or lower than a specific number.


Multipliers allow you to trade on leverage while limiting downside risk to your investment. You can maximize your potential profit by several multiples of any market movement without risking more than your initial investment.

When the market moves in your favour, you’ll multiply your potential profits. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake.

All these contract types are available on Deriv Trader.

Trade Types

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